Paty Renda is a 200 hr Yoga Teacher, a journalist/writer and an advocate for community and love. Although yoga was always present in her life, as full time journalist in her native country of Brazil, she did not have the time to dedicate to become a yoga teacher. That only happened when she moved to the US, where she got certified by Surendran Pandaran at Aananda School of Yoga, the same school she is part of now, as a trainer herself. Paty has learned from great teachers and is certified in Kid's Yoga, Baby Om Yoga, Senior Yoga and Thai Yoga Bodywork. Over the past couple of years, she has seen her passion for dance and music become a great tool to bring women together and create a strong community made out of love and support. Her yoga belly dancing class has become popular giving her the opportunity to teach at many festivals in Florida and around the country. Paty's passion for women's themes have been guiding her to teach through yoga, dance, meditation, kind conversations and lots of fun. "It is only when we love ourselves unconditionally that we can love and heal the world around us", she says.


Liquid Yoga

Liquid Yoga is a delicious combination of belly dancing moves with yoga asanas to create meditation in motion. The goal of this class is to create a fun and supportive environment for everyone so we can, together, work on self love and acceptance. This class was inspired by women who felt the need to get together and learn more about their bodies, the beauty of movement and their will to share their heart. Liquid Yoga inspires to move freely like water. 



Description of Second Class/Workshop

Body Image and Self Love

It is very common nowadays to feel inadequate and incomplete. This workshop talks about the power of marketing and culture, showing numbers and studies that helps us understand why we are always searching for the "perfect body". Then we go on comparing "perfect bodies" in different cultures to show how our perception is just a reflection of what we were taught. As we go through studies and facts, we work on creative exercises to break down old patterns and thoughts, to let go of what no longer serves us and to recreate ourselves through gratitude and confidence.

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Liquid Yoga  

Body Image and Self Love 


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