Taylor English is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher from South Florida who has been bringing the practice of Yoga to people in her community since 2015. She takes great pride in teaching and introducing people to this lifelong, ancient philosophy right in the Heartland of Florida. Mixing styles of Yoga to create a fun, encouraging environment, she brings a sense of light and love into all of her classes. Classes incorporate Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Power, and Restorative styles of Yoga. Taylor comes from a background of dance and cheer leading as well as team sports and using those experiences to compliment not only her practice but her teaching style. She brings up the nitty gritty and gets into the spots that you wouldn't think to look, wiping away the grit and remembering that we are all whole, and beautiful.


She's taken workshops for Teaching Pranayama to Seniors; Incorporating Pranayama & Meditation in General Classes; Vinyasa for Everyone. She's looking forward to continuing her education by adding Trauma Informed Training and Chair Yoga to her toolbox. Classes are real, down to earth and an opportunity for you to play as well as progress; mentally and physically.


Taylor has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and currently works full time at a local Radio Station as an On-Air Personality. She teaches twice a week at a local dance studio and also teaches private lessons. Yoga is for everybody and every body. She's taught people from age 7 to 80 and everywhere in between. One of her favorite places to practice and teach is in the great outdoors; there's no better way to connect with yourself then through nature.




Funky Hatha Flow

A fun blend of Hatha and Vinyasa styles of Yoga with a delicious savasana/meditation to bring everything together. Pranayama techniques will be sprinkled throughout the flow. We'll move through standard asanas with playful transitions to help build creativity and strength. Organic movements are always encouraged. This class is beginner friendly but expect a challenge; props are always encouraged but not necessary.


Slow Mo Hippy Flow

A slow moving Hatha/Vinyasa style class that allows you to get into the sticky bits that are normally overlooked. Allowing time to really focus on the correlation between the mind, body and breath. Reconnecting with your inner core as you flow through movements that open up the heart and the hips. This class will give you the opportunity to not only reconnect but also to recenter and ground back into your true essence. This class is also beginner friendly and as always props are encouraged.  


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Funky Hatha Flow.  

Slow Mo Hippy Flow. 



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