Allison Ford is a writer, speaker, and yoga instructor.  

She turned to yoga after many years of being a strict athlete. She began dance and competitive cheer at a young age, moving on to play as a top level athlete, playing Professional Women's Football as a wide-receiver. After many years of wear, she sustained a back injury, causing her to find an alternative solution following surgery. She turned to both yoga and dance in order to find new healing for her back, and discovered her love for yoga in that exploration. As a competitive athlete, she gained a new perspective with yoga and found a new honor for the body and mind. From there, she created a unique fusion flow called Yonce which incorporates lyrical dance, and yoga postures--and always—a motivational message. Her goal is to spread the practice of Yoga and Yonce through movement and her voice. To communicate through both mediums, inspiring yogis, dancers, and athletes alike, and working with them to come to their place of honor. From the mat to the stage, her message is always to live Yoga. 

She has been featured in the following: TEDx Women, Healthy Intent Magazine, MINT: Media Impact and Navigation for Teens, The Women’s Empower Expo, Checking-In Conference Series, Top Ten Percent Banquet and Recognition, Pivot and Pitch Event for Youth Entrepreneurs, and more.


Freedom Through Yonce:

This workshop includes a warm-up and intention setting, as we do in a typical yoga class. Next, I break down the choreography, step-by-step. Some of the postures come from yoga, and the transitions are based in lyrical dance. Yonce is a true fusion of the two disciplines, and the choreography is for all levels, as I do include modifications--just as you would find in a yoga class. Once we have learned the Yonce, we all come together and do it as a group, and put our own flare on it. Just like a traditional dance workshop, we make it our own. This workshop is all about ownership, freedom, and community support. For a yogi, Yonce teaches you to flow with fun, and it also grounds you like never before. Each posture flows into another space, so you begin to notice alignment in a whole different way. And for dancers, they will learn yoga in a setting that feels open, and playful. When we come together as a group, the two movements allow you to deepen your practice, and deepen your confidence. 


The Business of Yoga: How to Be Abundant and Keep Your Soul

A truly interactive talk that includes strategies to create a successful teaching business, and yoga postures! It covers why money and yoga sometimes don't mix, how we overcome our own judgments about this topic, secrets I used to make my certification investment back in one month after YTT, and why it's our duty to learn the business of yoga. It's playful, and addresses a serous topic of why many yoga instructors struggle to make the money they deserve. 

I came into the yoga world as a professional speaker, so I understood the power of branding, marketing yourself, and knowing your value right from the start. I took this mindset into my certification, but I soon realized it wasn't as easy for many of my yogi friends. It was almost taboo, as I discovered in many conversations. That somehow you cannot run a successful business and be a yogi with integrity. I believe we can do both. We can have a business mindset, and a yogi mindset. In fact, I now know that if you can balance both, you can truly have it all! 

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Freedom Through Yonce


The Business of Yoga: How to Be Abundant and Keep Your Soul



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