I’m enthusiastic to help people shift from unsatisfying, challenging connections to ones that can thrive.
It all starts within. Creating inner resiliency and reliable inner connections leads to trusting outer relationships.

For decades I suffered from anxiety and emotional overeating, and lived unhappy, isolated with unfulfilled connections with myself and the world. In 2004, very overweight and using anti anxiety medication to cope, Suzanne went in search of relief and found some incredible tools that are easy to use, living skills that helped her transform herself towards feeling whole and complete (which she surrenders is as a lifelong practice). Suzanne uses Energy Tapping, NLP, Nervous System Regulation Techniques and Sound Healing with Tuning Forks.

She still experiences anxiety, but now has awareness of what creates it and applies the natural and alternative tools she's learned learned to keep balanced, and as a result she experiences life with deeper connections and fulfillment. She helps women with stress, anxiety, body tension and trauma to reconnect with their inner grit and grace and shift towards living the life they truly want.



Introduction to Energy Tapping

Join this great class to learn a self use acupressure technique that helps you reprogram their stress. 

With life seemingly moving faster and faster, we need tools and skills to help us live with real resiliency and aliveness. Our first step towards living life with aliveness is to repair the connection with yourself. 

Learn what the Mind Body connection is all about. Gain an understanding for how we've conditioned ourselves to live in Chronic Stress and how it diminishes our self worth and challenges our ability to live happy and have healthy relationships. 

Got stress?
If you want more personal fulfillment, less stress, improved relationships, a better job, to overcome addictions, build self worth and boost your confidence, Tapping can help!

*****What you can expect from this class****
Learn Energy Tapping, which is an easy to do, self use tool that repairs and restores harmony and peace in the mind body so that you can shift away from stress and begin to live authentically with genuine aliveness.

What’s Tapping?

Stress is the body’s reaction to perception. Our bodies are energy and meridians are rivers of energy that flow through the body. When we think, the body feels, that's what the mind body connection is about. Meridian Tapping is a simple technique that uses your fingers to tap on specific meridian points to disrupt the connection between the mind and body. Tapping shifts the flow of energy, which in turn shifts how you feel and experience your thoughts. Shifting away from stress can free the energy to flow in a new direction.

Meridian Tapping can be used anywhere, anytime to provide in the moment relief and shifting of energy. It’s a living skill that can be used to decrease stress and worry and increase self worth and self-confidence. When we hold onto stress, the energy system of the body stays in a state of overwhelm, which tapping shifts to restore balance. Tapping can be used to address and resolve nearly every stress that life can throw at us.










Introduction to Tapping



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